Family Alcedinidae

Family Alcedinidae - amazon kingfisher
Kingfishers of the family Alcedinidae are short-tailed large-headed compact birds with long pointed bills and prominent crests. They are brightly colored. Most species show sexual dimorphism. The bill length varies between species. Their foraging technique consists of perching over water, wait for a fish to come near the surface and plunges into the water to catch it by surprise. Some species may hover briefly over water in the absence of suitable perches. Kingfishers seem to specialize on certain types of rivers and water characteristics.
Some favor large river, whereas others prefer narrow rivers with slow flowing waters. Others, such as the American Pygmy Kingfisher, favors forested streams or slow moving water under overhanging vegetation on larger rivers. Kingfishers are monogamous and territorial. The pair excavates a burrow in an earth bank and lays two or more white eggs onto the bare surface. Both parents incubate the eggs and feed the chicks. There are two genera and five species of Kingfishers known to occur in Peru. Photo: Amazon Kingfisher.


Kingfishers Martin Pescadores
Ringed Kingfisher Martín Pescador Grande Megaceryle torquata
Amazon Kingfisher Martín Pescador Amazónico Chloroceryle amazona
Green Kingfisher Martín Pescador Verde Chloroceryle americana
Green-and-rufous Kingfisher Martín Pescador Verde y Rufo Chloroceryle inda
American Pygmy Kingfisher Martín Pescador Pigmeo Chloroceryle aenea
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