Family Anhingidae

Family Anhingidae
The family Anhingidae is represented by one species known as Anhinga. They have a sharply pointed bill with serrated edges, a desmognathous palate and no external nostrils. The Anhinga is a large bird with sexually dimorphic plumage. Anhingas have completely webbed feet, and their legs are short and set far back on the body. They feed mainly on mid-sized fish and large invertebrates. They are
foot-propelled divers which quietly stalk and ambush their prey; then they use their sharply pointed bill to impale the food animal. They do not dive deep but make use of their low buoyancy made possible by wettable plumage, small air sacs and denser bones. After they have stabbed the prey, they return to the surface where they toss their food into the air and catch it again, so that they can swallow it head-first. Photo: Female Anhinga by ©Richard Deakin
Anhingas Anhingas
Anhinga Anhinga Americana Anhinga anhinga
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