Chimney Swift (Chaetura pelagica)

Order: Apodiformes Family: Apodidae IUCN Status: Least Concernchimney_swift
Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. North America

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. North America

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. North America

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Western Ecuador

Identification & Behavior: ~13 cm (5.1 in). The Chimney Swift has dusky upperparts with gray rump and uppertail coverts. The underparts are dusky with pale throat and breast.  The tail is square. It is very similar and difficult to safely differentiate from the closely related Amazonian Swift in the Amazonian lowlands. It is the only swift on the lowlands and foothills west of the Andes. Time of the year should be an important element in identifying the Chimney Swift.

Status: The Chimney Swift is a Boreal migrant that winters in Peru during the months of October through April. It is rare in the Amazonian lowlands but common in the western lowlands. It also occurs in Co, Ec, Br, Bo, and Ch.

Name in Spanish: Vencejo de Chimenea.

Sub-species: Chimney Swift (Chaetura pelagica), Linnaeus, 1758.

Meaning of Name: Chaetura: Gr. Khaitē= long flowing hair and oura= tail. pelagica: L. pelagicus= marine, pelagic.

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Distribution Map


    • Species range based on: Schulenberg, T. S., D. F. Stotz, and L. Rico. 2006. Distribution maps of the birds of Peru, version 1.0. Environment, Culture & Conservation (ECCo). The Field Museum. on 08/01/2015.

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