Family Bucconidae

Family Bucconidae - collared puffbird Family Bucconidae - black-fronted nunbird
The Neotropical family Bucconidae includes nunbirds, nunlets, and puffbirds. Numbirds are rather vocal, some favor forest edges, and are active. Puffbirds and nunlets are more reclusive interior forest species found from the understory to the forest canopy. They are notorious for being difficult to see due to the lethargic lifestyle. Foraging birds spend long periods of time motionless waiting for prey. Then they fly to branches or the ground to catch large insects or small invertabrates. Some Puffbirds have been observed to take small birds.  Numbirds and nunlets have a typical shape with relatively long body and longish tail and proportional head and bill. Puffbirds are different in having big heads, no apparent neck but a continuum form the head to the body and a thick bill slightly hooked that tapers in the tip. Puffbirds have rounded wings and a soft tail and a puffy plumage, hence the name puffbirds. There are eight genera and 23 species of Nunbirds, Nunlets and Puffbirds known to occur in Peru. Photo: (left) Collared Puffbird. ©Roos Tsai, (right) Black-fronted Nunmbird. ©Jo Richmond.
Puffbirds, Nunbirds, Nunlets Bucos
White-necked Puffbird Buco de Cuello Blanco Notharchus hyperrhynchus
Brown-banded Puffbird Buco Pardo Bandeado Notharchus ordii
Pied Puffbird Buco Pinto Notharchus tectus
Chestnut-capped Puffbird Buco de Gorro Castaño Bucco macrodactylus
Spotted Puffbird Buco Moteado Bucco tamatia
Collared Puffbird Buco Acollarado Bucco capensis
Barred Puffbird Buco Barrado Nystalus radiatus
Striolated Puffbird Buco Estriolado Nystalus striolatus
White-eared Puffbird Buco de Oreja Blanca Nystalus chacuru
White-chested Puffbird Buco de Pecho Blanco Malacoptila fusca
Semicollared Puffbird Buco Semiacollarado Malacoptila semicincta
Rufous-necked Puffbird Buco de Cuello Rufo Malacoptila rufa
White-whiskered Puffbird Buco de Bigote Blanco Malacoptila panamensis
Black-streaked Puffbird Buco Listado de Negro Malacoptila fulvogularis
Lanceolated Monklet Monjecito Lanceolado Micromonacha lanceolata
Rusty-breasted Nunlet Monjita de Pecho Rojizo Nonnula rubecula
Fulvous-chinned Nunlet Monjita de Barbilla Leonada Nonnula sclateri
Brown Nunlet Monjita Parda Nonnula brunnea
Rufous-capped Nunlet Monjita de Gorro Rufo Nonnula ruficapilla
White-faced Nunbird Monja de Cara Blanca Hapaloptila castanea
Black-fronted Nunbird Monja de Frente Negra Monasa nigrifrons
White-fronted Nunbird Monja de Frente Blanca Monasa morphoeus
Yellow-billed Nunbird Monja de Pico Amarillo Monasa flavirostris
Swallow-wing Buco Golondrina Chelidoptera tenebrosa
peru aves -    birdsGALBULIDAE: Jacamars – Jacamares  CAPITONIDAE: Barbets – Barbudosperu aves