Family Caprimulgidae

Family Caprimulgidae - Pauraque
Member of the family Caprimulgidae are known as nighthawks and Nightjars. Nighthawks have long and pointed wings, nightjars have longer tails and shorter and rounded wings. All have short bills and wide gaping mouths, and conspicuous rectal bristles. Nightajars and nighthawks have cryptic plumages and some are so similar they are difficult to distinguish by plumage alone. They have very short legs and small feet used to perch directly on the ground or lengthwise on a perch.
Nighthawks and nightjars used different foraging strategies. Nighthawks forage actively, diving and twisting in aerial pursuit of insects. Nightjars sally from a stationary perch on or near the ground. Many nightjar and nighthawks are rarely seen unless they are accidentally flushed. All species are crepuscular and nocturnal and are often better known by their voices than by sight. There are 11 genera and 20 species of nighthawks and nightjars known to occur in Peru. Photo: Common Pauraque ©Felineora.
Nightjars, Nighthawks Chotacabras
Nacunda Nighthawk Chotacabras de Vientre Blanco Chordeiles nacunda (NB)
Sand-colored Nighthawk Chotacabras Arenisco Chordeiles rupestris
Lesser Nighthawk Chotacabras Menor Chordeiles acutipennis
Common Nighthawk Chotacabras Migratorio Chordeiles minor (NB)
Short-tailed Nighthawk Chotacabras de Cola Corta Lurocalis semitorquatus
Rufous-bellied Nighthawk Chotacabras de Vientre Rufo Lurocalis rufiventris
Band-tailed Nighthawk Chotacabras de Cola Bandeada Nyctiprogne leucopyga
Blackish Nightjar Chotacabras Negruzco Nyctipolus nigrescens
Band-winged Nightjar Chotacabras de Ala Bandeada Systellura longirostris
Tschudi’s Nightjar Chotacabras de Tschudi Systellura decussata
Common Pauraque Chotacabras Común Nyctidromus albicollis
Scrub Nightjar Chotacabras de Matorral Nyctidromus anthonyi
Swallow-tailed Nightjar Chotacabras de Cola Ahorquillada Uropsalis segmentata
Lyre-tailed Nightjar Chotacabras Cola de Lira Uropsalis lyra
Little Nightjar Chotacabras Chico Setopagis parvula (NB)
Spot-tailed Nightjar Chotacabras de Cola Punteada Hydropsalis maculicaudus
Ladder-tailed Nightjar Chotacabras de Cola Escalera Hydropsalis climacocerca
Scissor-tailed Nightjar Chotacabras de Cola Tijereta Hydropsalis torquata
Ocellated Poorwill Chotacabras Ocelado Nyctiphrynus ocellatus
Silky-tailed Nightjar Chotacabras Cola de Seda Antrostomus sericocaudatus
Rufous Nightjar Chotacabras Rufo Antrostomus rufus (H)
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