Family Charadriidae

Family Charadriidae - sandpiper-plover Family Charadriidae - black-bellied plover
Plover, lapwings and allies constitute the family Charadriidae. They are small to medium-sized birds with compact bodies, short, thick necks and long, usually pointed wings. Some species of lapwing may have more rounded wings. Their bill are usually straight and short, their toes are short, hind toe could be reduced or absent, depending on species. In most genera, the sexes are similar. Plovers and lapwings are found in habitats near water. They hunt by sight, rather than by feel. Foods eaten include aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, and are usually obtained by a run-and-pause technique, rather than the steady probing of some other wader groups. They also feed on plant material. While breeding, they defend their territories with highly visible aerial displays. The parents protect their young by uttering an alarm call, performing distraction display and they may even attack the predator or intruder. Both parents take care of their offspring. The chicks are precocial; their parents do not feed them. Most species are monogamous, while less are polygamous. There are five genera and 14 species within the Family Charadriidae known to occur in Peru. Photo (left): Diademed Sandpiper-Plover by ©Pablo Caceres. Photo (Right): Black-bellied Plovers.
Plovers, Lapwings, Dotterels Chorlos, Avefrias
American Golden-Plover Chorlo Dorado Americano Pluvialis dominica (NB)
Black-bellied Plover Chorlo Gris Pluvialis squatarola (NB)
Tawny-throated Dotterel Chorlo de Campo Oreopholus ruficollis
Pied Lapwing Avefría Pinta Vanellus cayanus
Southern Lapwing Avefría Tero Vanellus chilensis (H)
Andean Lapwing Avefría Andina Vanellus resplendens
Semipalmated Plover Chorlo Semipalmado Charadrius semipalmatus (NB)
Wilson’s Plover Chorlo de Pico Grueso Charadrius wilsonia
Killdeer Chorlo Gritón Charadrius vociferus
Snowy Plover Chorlo Nevado Charadrius nivosus
Collared Plover Chorlo Acollarado Charadrius collaris
Puna Plover Chorlo de la Puna Charadrius alticola
Rufous-chested Dotterel Chorlo Chileno Charadrius modestus (V)
Diademed Sandpiper-Plover Chorlo Cordillerano Phegornis mitchellii
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