Family Cinclidae

Family Cinclidae
The White-capped Dipper is the only member of the genus Cinclus and the family Cinclidae. Dippers are small, chunky, stout, short-tailed, short-winged, strong-legged birds. They have a characteristic bobbing motion when perched beside the water, giving them their name. Dippers inhabit the banks of fast-moving upland rivers with cold, clear waters. They have dense plumage with a large preen gland for waterproofing their feathers. Relatively long legs and sharp claws enable them to hold onto rocks in swift water. Their eyes have well-developed focus
muscles that can change the curvature of the lens to enhance underwater vision. They have nasal flaps to prevent water entering their nostrils. Their blood has a high haemoglobin concentration, allowing a greater capacity to store oxygen. Dippers forage for small animal prey. They perch on rocks and feed at the edge of the water, but they often also grip the rocks firmly and walk down them beneath the water until partly or wholly submerged. They then search underwater for prey between and beneath stones and debris; they can also swim with their wings. Photo: White-capped Dipper ©Inkaterra,
Dippers Mirlos Acuaticos
White-capped Dipper Mirlo Acuático de Gorro Blanco Cinclus leucocephalus
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