Family Columbidae

Family Columbide - spot-winged pigeon Family Columbide croacking ground dove
Pigeons and doves within the family Columbidae exhibit considerable variations in size. They have short bills and legs, and small heads on large compact bodies. The wings can be long nad pointy or short and round. Pigeons have strong wing muscles and are among the strongest fliers of all birds. They are also highly maneuverable in flight.
The plumage of species in the New World
varies from gray, black, and shades of brown. Pigeons do not generally show any sexual dimorphism. Ground-doves show sexual dimorphism with males being more brightly colored than the females. There are seven genera and 28 species of pigeons and doves known to occur in Peru. Photo (left): Spot-winged Pigeon. ©Dominic-Sherony. Photo (right): Croacking Ground-Dove. ©Dominic Sherony
Doves, Pigeons Palomas, Tortolas
Rock Pigeon Paloma Doméstica Columba livia (IN)
Scaled Pigeon Paloma Escamosa Patagioenas speciosa
Spot-winged Pigeon Paloma de Ala Moteada Patagioenas maculosa
Picazuro Pigeon Paloma Picazuro Patagioenas picazuro
Band-tailed Pigeon Paloma de Nuca Blanca Patagioenas fasciata
Pale-vented Pigeon Paloma Colorada Patagioenas cayennensis
Peruvian Pigeon Paloma Peruana Patagioenas oenops
Plumbeous Pigeon Paloma Plomiza Patagioenas plumbea
Ruddy Pigeon Paloma Rojiza Patagioenas subvinacea
West Peruvian Dove Tórtola Melódica Zenaida meloda
Eared Dove Tórtola Orejuda Zenaida auriculata
White-tipped Dove Paloma de Puntas Blancas Leptotila verreauxi
Pallid Dove Paloma Pálida Leptotila pallida
Gray-fronted Dove Paloma de Frente Gris Leptotila rufaxilla
Ochre-bellied Dove Paloma de Vientre Ocráceo Leptotila ochraceiventris
Sapphire Quail-Dove Paloma-Perdiz Zafiro Geotrygon saphirina
White-throated Quail-Dove Paloma-Perdiz de Garganta Blanca Geotrygon frenata
Violaceous Quail-Dove Paloma-Perdiz Violácea Geotrygon violacea
Ruddy Quail-Dove Paloma-Perdiz Rojiza Geotrygon montana
Plain-breasted Ground Dove Tortolita Menuda Columbina minuta
Ruddy Ground Dove Tortolita Rojiza Columbina talpacoti
Ecuadorian Ground Dove Tortolita Ecuatoriana Columbina buckleyi
Picui Ground Dove Tortolita Picui Columbina picui (NB)
Croaking Ground Dove Tortolita Peruana Columbina cruziana
Blue Ground Dove Tortolita Azul Claravis pretiosa
Maroon-chested Ground Dove Tortolita de Pecho Marrón Claravis mondetoura
Bare-faced Ground Dove Tortolita Moteada Metriopelia ceciliae
Black-winged Ground Dove Tortolita de Ala Negra Metriopelia melanoptera
Golden-spotted Ground Dove Tortolita de Puntos Dorados Metriopelia aymara
peru aves - birdsRHYNCHOPIDAE: Skimmers – Rayadores  OPISTHOCOMIDAE: Hoatzin – Shanshoperu aves