Black-striped Sparrow (Arremonops conirostris)

Order: Passeriformes Family: Passerellidae | IUCN Status: Least Concern

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Manabi, Ecuador

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Central Colombia

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Pastaza, Ecuador

Age: Juvenile | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Pichincha, Ecuador

Identification & Behavior: ~16 cm (6.2 in). The Black-striped Sparrow has a yellow-olive back, tail, and sides of the belly. The head and underparts are gray. It has distinctive black stripes on the head and across the eye. It is similar to the Tumbes Sparrow but is distinguished by larger size, yellow-olive upperparts, and black stripes on the head. Birds on the eastern Amazonian lowlands (pastazae) are grayer overall.

Status: The Status of the Black-Striped Sparrow is largely unknown. It is known from sight records in extreme northwest Peru in Tumbes. It also occurs in Co and Ec.

Name in Spanish: Gorrión Listado de Negro.

Sub-species: Black-striped Sparrow (Arremonops conirostris striaticeps), (Lafresnaye), 1853.

Meaning of Name: Arremonops: Arremon= Genus arremon. Gr. opos= appearance. conirostris: L. conus= cone and rostris, rostrum= billed, beak.

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Distribution Map


    • Species range based on: Schulenberg, T. S., D. F. Stotz, and L. Rico. 2006. Distribution maps of the birds of Peru, version 1.0. Environment, Culture & Conservation (ECCo). The Field Museum. on 03/01/2016.