Family Eurypygidae

Family Eurypygidae -sunbittern

The sunbittern is the only member of the family Eurypygidae known to occur in Peru. Sunbitterns have a long and pointed bill, a short hallux, as in shorebirds and rails, and orange-yellow and reddish feet. They have a generally subdued coloration, with fine linear patterns of black, grey and brown. Its remiges or flight feathers however have vividly colored middle webs, which with wings fully spread show bright eyespots in red, yellow, and black. These are shown to other sunbitterns in courtship and threat displays, or used

to startle potential predators. Male and female adult sunbitterns can be differentiated by small differences in the feather patterns of the throat and head. The sunbittern is a non-migrant bird that is normally found foraging on the ground and scratching for insects. They build open nests in trees, and lay two eggs with blotched markings. The young areprecocial, but remain in the nest for several weeks after hatching. Photo: Sunbittern. Photo: Sunbittern by ©David Schenfeld.
Sunbittern Tigana o Tanrilla
Sunbittern Tanrilla o Tigana Eurypyga helias
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