Family Thinocoridae

Family Thinocoridae - least seedsnipe
The family, Scolopacidae includes two genera and three species known as seedsnipes. They are gregarious waders, which have adapted to a herbivorous diet. The family has a South American distribution and most species occur in the Andean and Patagonian regions. The family’s common name is misleading as they do not resemble true snipes, having short bills. The seedsnipes in the genus Thinocorus are
smaller, whereas the genus Attagis are larger. They have short legs (but long toes) and tails. The color of their plumage is generally cryptic. There is sexual dimorphism in the plumage of the Thinocorus species. Seedsnipes inhabit a variety of harsh environments including grasslands, grass steppes, semi-arid deserts, and alpine habitats. The Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe ranges as far up as to the snowline (5500 m). Photo: ©Victor Bustinza.
Seedsnipes Agachona
Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe Agachona de Vientre Rufo Attagis gayi
Gray-breasted Seedsnipe Agachona de Pecho Gris Thinocorus orbignyianus
Least Seedsnipe Agachona Chica Thinocorus rumicivorus
peru aves -    birdsSCOLOPACIDAE: Sandpipers, Snipes – Playeros & Becasinas  JACANIDAE: Jacanas – Tuqui Tuquisperu aves