Streaked Tuftedcheek (Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii)

Order: Passeriformes | Family: Furnariidae | IUCN Status: Least Concern

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Ayabaca, Piura

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Eastern Andes of Ecuador

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Eastern Andes of Colombia

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Piura, Peru | Eastern Andes Colombia
Loc. Ayabaca|E Andes Col[/one_fourth_last]

Identification & Behavior: ~21 cm (8.2 in). The Streaked Tuftedcheek has a streaked crown and mantle. The breast and upper belly have a dusky scaling effect. The lower belly and tail are rufous. It has conspicuous white puffy feathers on the throat and puffy tufts on the side of the neck. The juvenile has a scaly throat without the white tufts. It forages in the midstory and canopy of humid montane forest mostly in the company of mixed species flocks. It is similar to the Buff-throated Treehunter and the Black-billed Treehunter but is distinguished by the conspicuous white tufts and by being more confident and visible at the midstory and sub-canopy of the forest.

Status: The Streaked Tuftedcheek is fairly common in montane forests of the east and west (Piura and Cajamarca) slopes of the Andes at elevations ranging between 1700-3400 m. It also occurs in Co, Ec, and Bo.

Name in Spanish: Barba-Blanca Rayado.

Sub-species: Streaked Tuftedcheek (Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii intermedianus), Chapman, 1923.  Andes of NW Peru (Piura, NW Cajamarca).
(Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii medianus), Hellmayr, 1919.  N Peruvian Andes S of R Marañón (S Cajamarca, and Amazonas S to San Martín).
(Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii auritus), (Tschudi), 1844.   Andes of C Peru (La Libertad S to N Puno).
(Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii carabayae), J. T. Zimmer, 1936.  Andes from S Peru (S Puno) S to C Bolivia (E to W Santa Cruz).

Meaning of Name: Pseudocolaptes: Gr. pseudos= false, another and kolapto= to peck; kolaptes= pecker. boissonneautii: In honor of Auguste Boissonneau (1802-1883) French ornithologist, natural history dealer, ocularist.

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    • Species range based on: Schulenberg, T. S., D. F. Stotz, and L. Rico. 2006. Distribution maps of the birds of Peru, version 1.0. Environment, Culture & Conservation (ECCo). The Field Museum. on 03/01/2017.