Family Heliornithidae

Family Heliornithidae sungrebe

Members of the family Heliornithidae are known as finfoots. They are a small birds with webbed lobes on their feet like those of grebes and coots. Finfoots resemble rails; they have long necks, slender bodies, broad tails, and sharp, pointed bills. They have a diverse range of calls, but do not call frequently. Their legs and feet are brightly coloured and, unlike grebes, they are capable of walking well and even moving quickly on land. Finfoots are found in numerous habitats in the tropics as long as

there is water and cover. It is uncertain why cover is so essential to finfoots, but they are extremely secretive and often overlooked. They are not thought to undertake regular migrations, but some birds do regularly disperse and they are quick to colonise new areas of suitable habitat. Unlike grebes they do not dive to obtain food but pick their prey off the water’s surface or foraging on the shore. This family is represented in Peru by only one species: Sungrebe. Photo: Sungrebe.
Finfoots Aves de Sol
Sungrebe Yacu Patito Heliornis fulica
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