Family Melanopareiidae

Family Melanopareiidae - elegant crescentchest
The crescentchests are small birds with long tails and striking plumages. Member of the family Melanopareidae have a distinctive band across the chest that gives the group their name. The two species within this family known to occur in Peru inhabit scrub habitats. Crescenchests forage on the ground or near the ground and have distinctive vocalizations. The genus Melanopareia has been long been placed with the tapaculos in the
Rhinocryptidae family. Their placement there has been questioned and in 2007 the genus was placed in its own Family,Melanopareiidae. The family Melanopareiidae was formerly erected in 2009. Little is known about basic aspects of species within the Melanopareidae. They are sedentary birds apparently monogamous and defend territories. Their nest is in the form of a cup. Photo: Elegant Crescentchest by Jorge Novoa.
Crescentchests Pechos-de-Luna o Toc-Tocs
Marañón Crescentchest Pecho-de-Luna del Marañón Melanopareia maranonica
Elegant Crescentchest Pecho-de-Luna Elegante Melanopareia elegans
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