Family Motacillidae

Family Motacillidae
In Peru, Pipits are the only representatives of the cosmopolitan family Motacillidae, They are slender, small to medium sized passerines, with relatively short necks and longish tails. They have long, pale legs with long toes and claws, particularly the hind claw. There is no apparent sexual dimorphism in size or plumage. The plumage of most pipits is dull brown with scaly and mottled pattern on their backs and upper
breast. Pipits occurring in Peru are ground-feeding insectivores of open country. Most species are found at high elevations in the Andes, with the Yellowish Pipit as the only species found in western lowlands and foothills. Pipits feed on invertebrate prey. There is one genus and five species of members of the family Motacillidae known to occur in Peru. Photo: Short-billed Pipit ©Pete Morris.
Pipits Cachirlas
Yellowish Pipit Cachirla Amarillenta Anthus lutescens
Peruvian Pipit Cachirla Peruana Anthus peruvianus
Short-billed Pipit Cachirla de Pico Corto Anthus furcatus
Correndera Pipit Cachirla Correndera Anthus correndera
Hellmayr’s Pipit Cachirla de Hellmayr Anthus hellmayri
Páramo Pipit Cachirla del Páramo Anthus bogotensis
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