Rufous-breasted Wood-Quail (Odontophorus speciosus)

Order: Galliformes | Family: Odontophoridae  | IUCN Status: Near Threatened

Age: Adults | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Amazonas, Peru

Age: Adults | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Amazonas, Peru

Age: Adults | Sex: Unknown | Loc. Amazonas, Peru

Identification & Behavior: ~25.3 cm (10 in). The Rufous-breasted Wood-Quail has a small and round-body.  Its back is patterned in shades of brown and gray. The underparts are rufous. It is distinguished from Stripe-faced Wood-Quail (some overlap in southeastern Peru) by a black throat and breast without white spots. Two subspecies are known to occur in Peru. Females of O. s. speciosus have gray underparts with rufous restricted to the upper breast. As with other wood-quails forages on the forest floor in family groups.

Status: The Rufous-breasted Wood-Quail is widespread along a narrow altitudinal band between 900-2600 m along the eastern side of the Andes. Uncommon throughout its range. Often difficult to observe and more often heard. It also occurs in Ec and Bo.

Name in Spanish: Codorniz de Pecho Rufo.

Sub-species: Rufous-breasted Wood-Quail (Odontophorus speciosus) Tschudi, 1843.
O. s. speciosus: East-central Peru.
O. s. loricatus: Southeast Peru and e Bolivia.

Meaning of Name:  Odontophorus: Gr. Bearing teeth. speciousus: L. splendid, beautiful. A thick and tooth-billed wood-quail with beautiful plumage.

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    • Species range based on: Schulenberg, T. S., D. F. Stotz, and L. Rico. 2006. Distribution maps of the birds of Peru, version 1.0. Environment, Culture & Conservation (ECCo), The Field Museum. on 10/18/2014.