Family Rallidae

Family Rallidae - Andean Coot Family Rallidae - Gray-necked woodrail
The family Rallidae include rails, coots, gallinules, and crakes. They are small to medium-sized ground living birds. Some species have long necks and in many cases their bodies are laterally compressed. Their legs are long. Their feet have very long and thin toes that help some species walk on floating vegetation. The bill is the most variable feature within the family: in some species it is longer than the head; in others it may be short and wide, or short and thick. A few coots and gallinules have a frontal shield, which is a fleshy rearward extension of the upper bill. Rails exhibit very little sexual dimorphism in  either plumage or size. Many species are associated with wetlands, although the family is found in every terrestrial habitat except dry deserts, polar regions, and alpine areas above the snow line. The most common rail habitats are marshland or dense forest. They are especially fond of dense vegetation. Members of the Rallidae occur on every continent except Antarctica. There are 12 genera and 28 species of members of the Family Rallidae known to occur in Peru. Photo (left): Andean Coot by ©Manuel Roncal. Photo (right): Gray-necked Woodrail. Creative Commons.
Rails, Gallinules, Coots, Crakes Rascones, Pollas de Agua, Gallaretas
Ocellated Crake Gallineta de Ocelos Micropygia schomburgkii
Clapper Rail Rascón Manglero Rallus longirostris
Virginia (Lesser) Rail Rascón Menor Rallus limicola
Bogota Rail Rascón de Bogotá Rallus semiplumbeus
Gray-cowled Wood-Rail Rascón-Montés de Capucha Gris Aramides cajanea
Rufous-necked Wood-Rail Rascón-Montés de Cuello Rufo Aramides axillaris
Red-winged Wood-Rail Rascón-Montés de Ala Rojiza Aramides calopterus
Uniform Crake Gallineta Unicolor Amaurolimnas concolor
Chestnut-headed Crake Gallineta de Cabeza Castaña Anurolimnas castaneiceps
Russet-crowned Crake Gallineta de Corona Rufa Anurolimnas viridis
Black-banded Crake Gallineta Negra Bandeada Anurolimnas fasciatus
Rufous-sided Crake Gallineta de Flanco Rufo Laterallus melanophaius
Gray-breasted Crake Gallineta de Pecho Gris Laterallus exilis
Black Rail Gallineta Negra Laterallus jamaicensis
White-throated Crake Gallineta de Garganta Blanca Laterallus albigularis
Ash-throated Crake Gallineta de Garganta Ceniza Porzana albicollis
Sora Gallineta Sora Porzana carolina (NB)
Paint-billed Crake Gallineta de Pico Rojo Neocrex erythrops
Spotted Rail Rascón Moteado Pardirallus maculatus
Blackish Rail Rascón Negruzco Pardirallus nigricans
Plumbeous Rail Rascón Plomizo Pardirallus sanguinolentus
Common Gallinule Polla de Agua Común Gallinula galeata
Purple Gallinule Polla de Agua Morada Porphyrio martinicus
Azure Gallinule Polla de Agua Azulada Porphyrio flavirostris (NB)
Red-fronted Coot Gallareta de Frente Roja Fulica rufifrons
Giant Coot Gallareta Gigante Fulica gigantea
Horned Coot Gallareta Cornuda Fulica cornuta (V)
Andean Coot Gallareta Andina Fulica ardesiaca
White-winged Coot Gallareta de Frente Amarilla Fulica leucoptera (V)
peru aves - birdsPSOPHIIDAE: Trumpeter – Trompeteros HELIORNITHIDAE: Sungrebe – Yacu Patitoperu aves