Family Rhinocryptidae

Family Rhinocryptidae - paramo tapaculo
Species of the family Rhinocryptidae are known as Tapaculos. They are small to medium-sized ground or near ground dwellers. They have long legs and short and rounded wings. They fly with difficulty and only certain distance. The tail is often cocked. The majority of tapaculos are blackish or brown. All tapaculos are skulking birds that frequently stay low in dense vegetation and dark conditions making them difficult to see. The genus Scytalopus are so similar in appearance that they are best located and identified by voice. Some species within the Scytolopus genus have
highly localized distributions, and being poor fliers, they easily become isolated in small populations. Some species of Tapaculo pump their tails up and down. The name tapaculo possibly derives from Spanish for “cover your behind”. Another possible explanation is that it originates from the Chilean name for the white-throated tapaculo, simply tapaculo, which is anonomatopoeic reference to its commonly heard song. There are four genera and 24 species of Tapaculos known to occur in Peru. Photo: Tapaculo ©Francesco Veronesi.
Tapaculos Tapaculos
Rusty-belted Tapaculo Tapaculo de Faja Rojiza Liosceles thoracicus
Ocellated Tapaculo Tapaculo Ocelado Acropternis orthonyx
Ash-colored Tapaculo Tapaculo Cenizo Myornis senilis
Blackish Tapaculo Tapaculo Negruzco Scytalopus latrans
Unicolored Tapaculo Tapaculo Unicolor Scytalopus unicolor (E)
Trilling Tapaculo Tapaculo Trinador Scytalopus parvirostris
Large-footed Tapaculo Tapaculo de Pata Grande Scytalopus macropus (E)
Long-tailed Tapaculo Tapaculo de Cola Larga Scytalopus micropterus
Rufous-vented Tapaculo Tapaculo de Subcaudales Rufas Scytalopus femoralis (E)
Utcubamba Tapaculo Tapaculo de Utcubamba Scytalopus intermedius (E)
White-crowned Tapaculo Tapaculo de Corona Blanca Scytalopus atratus
Bolivian Tapaculo Tapaculo Boliviano Scytalopus bolivianus
Chusquea Tapaculo Tapaculo de Chusquea Scytalopus parkeri
Neblina Tapaculo Tapaculo de Neblina Scytalopus altirostris (E)
Ancash Tapaculo Tapaculo de Ancash Scytalopus affinis (E)
White-winged Tapaculo Tapaculo de Ala Blanca Scytalopus krabbei (E)
Loja Tapaculo Tapaculo de Loja Scytalopus androsticus (E)
Tschudi’s Tapaculo Tapaculo de Tschudi Scytalopus acutirostris (E)
Vilcabamba Tapaculo Tapaculo de Vilcabamba Scytalopus urubambae (E)
Ampay Tapaculo Tapaculo de Ampay Scytalopus whitneyi (E)
Jalca Tapaculo Tapaculo de Jalca Scytalopus frankeae (E)
Puna Tapaculo Tapaculo de la Puna Scytalopus simonsi
Diademed Tapaculo Tapaculo Diademado Scytalopus schulenbergi
Junin Tapaculo Tapaculo de Junín Scytalopus gettyae (E)
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