Ampay Tapaculo (Scytalopus whitneyi)

Order: Passeriformes | Family: Rhinocryptidae | IUCN Status: Least Concern

ampay tapaculo.
 Adult | Sex: Male Apurimac (top) Male Ayacucho (bottom) | Art Work: Jon Fjeldsa

Identification & Behavior: The Ampay Tapaculo is know from two separate locations in Apurimac and Ayacucho. Males in Ayacucho are darker gray overall, with duller and darker ochraceous brown flanks, rump, and vent, with relatively dense, narrow, and straight barring. Lores and ocular areas are blackish. The crown is light gray most noticeable above eye, forming a faint eyebrow. Head marking can be similar to Diademed Tapaculo.

The 3 immature males from Ayacucho used to describe this population have weakly developed superciliary and lack the contrasting blackish lores. Interestingly, the single known female Ampay Tapaculo form Ayacucho has a more strongly developed superciliary than the males suggesting that these plumage differences between Apurímac y Ayacucho birds may be age-related and not geographic.

Status: In Apurimac, the Ampay Tapaculo is common in montane forest shrubbery and Polylepis between 3,150 and 4500 m. In Ayacucho it appears to favor open shrubby (Baccharis) and bunchgrass (Festuca) habitats between 3,500 and 4,200 m. Endemic.

Name in Spanish: Tapaculo de Ampay.

Sub-species: Ampay Tapaculo (Scytalopus whitneyi), Krabbe et. Al., 2020. See below.

Meaning of Name: Scytalopus: Gr. skutale or skutalon= stick, cudgel and pous, podos= foot. krabbei: In honor of American  ornithologist Bret M. Whitney.

Got to the Family Rhinocryptidae  peru aves

Distribution Map
map Ampay Tapaculo.



    • Information for this account was based on: Untangling cryptic diversity in the High Andes: Revision of the Scytalopus [magellanicus] complex (Rhinocryptidae) in Peru reveals three new species. Niels K Krabbe, Thomas S Schulenberg, Peter A Hosner, Kenneth V Rosenberg, Tristan J Davis, Gary H Rosenberg, Daniel F Lane, Michael J Andersen, Mark B Robbins, Carlos Daniel Cadena, Thomas Valqui, Jessie F Salter, Andrew J Spencer, Fernando Angulo, Jon Fjeldså. The Auk, Volume 137, Issue 2, 1 April 2020.