Family Troglodytidae

Family Troglodytidae
Wrens in the family Troglodytidae are medium-small to very small birds. Wrens are largely a New World family that inhabit a range of habitats from dry, sparsely wooded country to rainforest. Most species forage near the ground, but some are associated with mid to upper forest canopy. The dominating colors of their plumage are generally composed of gray, brown, black and white, and most species show some barring, especially to tail and/or wings. There is no sexual dimorphism in the plumage of wrens, and little difference between young birds and adults. All have
fairly long, straight to marginally decurved bills. Wrens have loud and often complex songs, sometimes given in duet by a pair. Their behavior vary from highly secretive species to the highly conspicuous ones. Wrens build dome-shaped nests, and may be either monogamous or polygamous, depending on species. Though little is known about the feeding habits, wrens are considered primarily insectivorous, eating insects, spiders and other small arthropods. There are 10 genera and 24 species of wrens known to occur in Peru. Photo: Superciliated Wren ©Enrique Kindleman.
Wrens Cucaracheros
Scaly-breasted Wren Cucarachero de Pecho Escamoso Microcerculus marginatus
Wing-banded Wren Cucarachero de Ala Bandeada Microcerculus bambla
Gray-mantled Wren Cucarachero de Dorso Gris Odontorchilus branickii
House Wren Cucarachero Común Troglodytes aedon
Mountain Wren Cucarachero Montañes Troglodytes solstitialis
Sedge Wren Cucarachero Sabanero Cistothorus platensis
Fasciated Wren Cucarachero Ondeado Campylorhynchus fasciatus
Thrush-like Wren Cucarachero Zorzal Campylorhynchus turdinus
Plain-tailed Wren Cucarachero de Cola Llana Pheugopedius euophrys
Inca Wren Cucarachero Inca Pheugopedius eisenmanni (E)
Moustached Wren Cucarachero Bigotudo Pheugopedius genibarbis
Coraya Wren Cucarachero Coraya Pheugopedius coraya
Speckle-breasted Wren Cucarachero de Pecho Jaspeado Pheugopedius sclateri
Superciliated Wren Cucarachero con Ceja Cantorchilus superciliaris
Buff-breasted Wren Cucarachero de Pecho Anteado Cantorchilus leucotis
Rufous Wren Cucarachero Rufo Cinnycerthia unirufa
Sharpe’s Wren Cucarachero de Sharpe Cinnycerthia olivascens
Peruvian Wren Cucarachero Peruano Cinnycerthia peruana (E)
Fulvous Wren Cucarachero Leonado Cinnycerthia fulva
White-breasted Wood-Wren Cucarachero-Montés de Pecho Blanco Henicorhina leucosticta
Bar-winged Wood-Wren Cucarachero-Montés de Ala Barrada Henicorhina leucoptera
Gray-breasted Wood-Wren Cucarachero-Montés de Pecho Gris Henicorhina leucophrys
Chestnut-breasted Wren Cucarachero de Pecho Castaño Cyphorhinus thoracicus
Musician Wren Cucarachero Musical Cyphorhinus arada
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