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Peru Aves covers all bird species known to occur in Peru. The account or page for each species includes photographs of adult birds of each sex and juvenile individuals when these are available. A species account also includes two recordings of vocalizations, descriptions of features and field marks, abundance, links to similar or taxonomically related species. Each page also includes sub-species and a brief description of their geographical distribution in Peru.

Peru Aves illustrates each species with photographs taken in the field. Field photographs complement the plates in the bird guides of Peru. The photographs taken in the field show the birds in positions taken from angles that one sees in the field. In addition, the background of each photo along with the description of the bird’s preferred habitat helps to put such a bird in the context that one will find them in the field.

The photographs and recordings of vocalizations were obtained, in large part, by bird enthusiasts. Modern technology has provided the means to collect and share information, which represents a great opportunity to gather and organize such information in a comprehensive database of birds of Peru.

Peru Aves is a dynamic or living Online Guide to the Birds of Peru. Taxonomic changes are implemented as they are published. New accounts are created for newly described species and for new country records Peru accepted by Peru’s Bird Records Committee (Comité de Registros de Aves Peruanas). Similarly, existing photographs are updated when better photographs of a bird becomes available.

Peru Aves is a project based on the principles of “citizen science”. I am very grateful for the continuous contributions of photographic material and sound recording by many bird enthusiasts.


Alfredo Begazo, Ph.D.


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peruaves -birds of Peru

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Peru Aves
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