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Peru Aves includes all the species of birds found in Peru. Every species account or page includes photos  of adults, males and females, and juveniles when available. Also included in each account are two recordings of vocalizations, descriptions of characteristics and field marks, abundance, and links to similar species. Each species account also includes a brief description of its subspecies and its geographical distribution.

The use of photographs of birds has its advantages. A photograph taken in the field shows the birds in positions and angles one would see in the field. A bird’s background of each photo helps place the bird in the context of its natural habitat.

Photographs and recordings of vocalizations were obtained by bird enthusiasts. With the advent of modern technology, it has become easier to collect and share data, making it possible to compile and organize such data into a comprehensive database of Peruvian birds.

Peru Aves is a living or dynamic guide. Taxonomic changes are implemented as soon as they are published. New species and country records accepted by Peru’s Bird Records Committee are created as new accounts. As better photographs become available, existing photographs are replaced.

The Peru Aves project is based on citizen science principles. I greatly appreciate the contributions of many bird enthusiasts who have provided photographic and sound material.

.Alfredo Begazo, Ph.D.

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peruaves -birds of Peru

Photos that show important details about a species’ appearance and natural history are always sought. While we cannot provide financial compensation, we will give you full credit.

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Peru Aves
CORBIDIThe project PERUAVES.ORG is a community project under the umbrella of the Peruvian non-governmental organization CORBIDI, an organization dedicated to the conservation and research of biodiversity.