Classification Revisions for the Bird Species of Peru, June-11-2020


The following changes were proposed by the South American Classification Committee.

1) To treat C. viridipennis (Amazonian Swift) as conspecific with C. chapmani (Chapman’s Swift)C. viridipennis  is the form known to occur in Peru. The two forms are now known as Chapman’s Swift.

Visit species account: Chapman’s Swift (Chaetura chapmani).

Proposal: http://www.museum.lsu.edu/~Remsen/SACCprop841.htm 

2) To recognize the new genus Cryptopezus for “Hylopezus nattereri” and transfer Hylopezus berlepschi, Hylopezus fulviventris, and Hylopezus dives to Myrmothera. Hylopezus dives and H. nattereri do not occur in Peru.

Visit species account: White-lored Antpitta (Myrmothera fulviventris) and Amazonian Antpitta (Myrmothera berlepschi).

Proposal: http://www.museum.lsu.edu/~Remsen/SACCprop832.htm

3) To merge the storm-petrel genus Oceanodroma into Hydrobates.

Visit family account: Family Hydrobatidae

Proposal: http://www.museum.lsu.edu/~Remsen/SACCprop829.htm

4) To establish English names for Turdus nigriceps and Turdus subalaris. The new name of Turdus nigriceps is Andean Slaty Thrush. T. subalaris does not occurs in Peru.

Visit species account: Andean Slaty Thrush (Turdus nigriceps).

Proposal: http://www.museum.lsu.edu/~Remsen/SACCprop786.htm