Family Tytonidae

Family Tytonidae
The Barn owl is the only representative of the family Tytonidae in Peru. The barn-owls’ main characteristic is the heart-shaped facial disc formed by stiff feathers, which serve to amplify and locate the source of sounds when hunting. They have long, strong legs with powerful talons. They also differ from the Family Strigidae or typical owls in structural details relating to the sternum and feet.
 Further adaptations in the wing feathers eliminate sound caused by flying, aiding both the hearing of the owl listening for hidden prey and keeping the prey unaware of the owl. Barn-owls overall are darker on the back than on the underparts. The barn-owls are mostly nocturnal, and generally non-migratory, living in pairs or singly. They favor open habitats. Photo: Barn Owl.
Barn Owls Lechuzas de Campanario
Barn-Owl Lechuza de Campanario Tyto alba
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