Baron’s Spinetail (Cranioleuca baroni)

Order: Passeriformes | Family: Furnariidae | IUCN Status: Least Concern

Baron’s Spinetail is now considered a sub-species of Line-cheeked Spinetail. This record is maintained as a reference as other authorities still consider this form a full species.

The taxonomy of Line-cheeked Spinetail and Baron’s Spinetail is complicated as size variation among populations of present species is substantial but somewhat irregular. It appears to correlate with elevation (e.g. in Ancash, birds of high elevations in N are much larger than low-elevation ones in S); moreover, inter-locality variation is significant, with virtually every population sample seemingly diagnosable on basis of size and plumage characters, and many at least as distinctive as currently accepted races.

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown |Loc. Luya, Amazonas

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown |Loc. Sangal, Cajamarca

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown |Loc. Northern Peru

Age: Adult | Sex: Unknown |Loc. Satipo Road, Junin

Identification & Behavior: ~18 cm (7 in). The Baron’s Spinetail has rufous wings, tail, and crown. The mantle and underparts are rufous-brown. The throat is whitish bordered with pale streaks on the breast un upper belly. It has a white superciliary. It forages in the midstory and sub-canopy of humid scrub and woodlands. The taxonomic status is not well understood as plumage and size appear to vary and overlap with that of the similar Line-cheeked Spinetail. The Baron’s Spinetail is larger and has a gray breast streaked or scaled with whitish.

The South American Classification Committee considers Baron’s and Line-cheeked Spinetails conspecifics.

Status: Endemic. The Baron’s Spinetail is uncommon but widespread on the west slope of the Andes from Lambayeque to Lima. It overlaps with the Line-cheeked Spinetail in Lambayeque, Cajamarca, and northern La Libertad.

Name in Spanish: Cola-Espina de Baron.

Sub-species: Baron’s Spinetail (Cranioleuca baroni baroni), (Salvin), 1895.

Meaning of Name: Cranioleuca: Gr. kranion= skull, head and leukos= white. baroni: In honor of Oscar Theodor Baron (1847-1926) German engineer, collector in California, Mexico, Ecuador and Peru.

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Distribution Mapbaron's spinetail



    • Species range based on: Schulenberg, T. S., D. F. Stotz, and L. Rico. 2006. Distribution maps of the birds of Peru, version 1.0. Environment, Culture & Conservation (ECCo). The Field Museum. on 03/01/2017.