Family Psophiidae

Family Psophiidae pale-winged trumpeter
The family Psophiidae is restricted to the humid forests of Amazonia. They resemble chickens with a hunched posture. Trumpeters have long necks and legs, and curved bills. Their heads are small, but their eyes are relatively large. The plumage is soft, resembling fur or velvet on the head and neck. It is mostly black, with purple, green, or bronze iridescence, particularly on the wing coverts and the lower neck. The secondary and tertial flight feathers are white, grey, or greenish to black, and hairlike, falling over the lower back. Trumpeters fly weakly but run fast.
They are also capable of swimming. They spend most of the day in noisy flocks feeding on fallen fruit (particularly fruit knocked down by monkeys). They also eat a small amount of arthropods, including ants and flies, and even some reptiles and amphibians. At night they fly with difficulty into trees to roost 6 to 9 metres (20 to 30 feet) above the ground. Trumpeters nest in a hole in a tree or in the crown of a palm tree. There is one genus and two species within the Family Psophiidae known to occur in Peru. Photo: Pale-winged Trumpeter
Trumpeters Trompeteros
Gray-winged Trumpeter Trompetero de Ala Gris Psophia crepitans
Pale-winged Trumpeter Trompetero de Ala Blanca Psophia leucoptera
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