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alto nieva Fundo Alto Nieva
Private reserve protecting habitat for localized and sought after Peruvian Endemic birds. Website | Facebook
tropical birding Tropical Birding Tours
Bird, natural history, and photography tour company.
Website | Facebook
Adrrian Rupp Adrian Rupp
Professionally guided birding and photography tours in South America.
Website | Facebook
avifauna norte de tolima Avifuna Norte de Tolima
Associacion Ornitologica del Libano.
chalco birdwathing  Chalco Birdwatching
Tour guiding services with Juan Chalco.
Joao Quental Joao Quental Photography
Bird Photography workshops for amateurs and professionals.
Website | Flickr
colombia birding Colombia Birding
Birding tours throughout Colombia.
Website | Facebook
kolibri Expeditions Kolibri Expeditions
Birding tours in Peru and South America.
Website | Facebook
mistrato neblina  birds  Mistrato Neblina Birds
Bird Tour Guiding Services with Arnulfo Sanchez | Guia de Avistamiento de Aves en Mistrato.
manizales birding Manizales Birding
Birding and Nature tour guiding services in the Caldas Region of Colombia.
Facebook | Website
acca Wayquecha Biolodge
Education, Environmental Conservation, and Research Services.
Wayquecha Biolodge Facebook
peru birding expeditions Peru Birding Expeditions
Birding and Photography trips in Peru and South America.
Website | Facebook
birding tours Peru Tanager Tours
Birdwatching tours according to your needs.
Website | Facebook
amazon birding Amazon Birding Tours
Birding tours from the Andes to the Amazon.
Website | Facebook
Hotel Tinamu  Hotel Tinamu
Nature reserve and lodging for birders and nature enthusiasts.
cock-of-the-rock lodge Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge
Superb cloud forest birding and comfortable lodge.
 ves aves lima Ves Aves Lima
Dedicada a descubrir la naturaleza en las areas verdes de la ciudad de Lima.
 Birds of Peru  Peru Wild Birds


Note: Contributors on the list below reserve the right over their material. Please contact them regarding photos shared on this site.

Adam Kent | Facebook
Adrian Aisen Rupp | Website | Flickr
Aisse Gaertner | Facebook
Alejandro Cartagena | Facebook
Alejandro Alarcon | Facebook
Alejandro Tabini | Flickr | Facebook
Alexander More | Facebook
Alex Duran Torres Facebook
Alvaro Garcia Olachea | Facebook
Andre Briso | Facebook
Andre Netto | Facebook
Anselmo d’Affonseca | Facebook
Antonio Pessoa | Facebook
Arnulfo Sanchez  | Facebook
Arthur Grosset | Website
Avifauna Norte de Tolima | Facebook
Birdwatcher Brasil | Facebook
Carlos Aguilar Gastañaga | Facebook
Carlos Bran | Facebook
Carlos Calle | Flickr | Facebook
Carlos Ghirelli | Facebook
Carlos Soto Camacho | Facebook
Cesar Zevallos Bashualdo | Facebook
Christian Carazas | Facebook
Christian Riveros Arteaga | Facebook
Dalila Saric | Facebook
Daniel Lane | FlickrWebsite
Danilo Mota | Facebook
Danny Vargas | Facebook
Didier Perrocheau | Website | Facebook
Diego Calderon | Flickr | Facebook
Diego Garcia Olachea | Facebook
Dubi Shapiro | Flickr | Facebook
Edgardo Aguilar | Facebook
Eduardo Patrial | Facebook
Edwar Guarin | Flickr | Facebook
Emil Rivas | Facebook
Emilio Constantino | Facebook
Enrique Kindliman | Facebook
Eveling Tavera | Facebook
Fernando Angulo | FacebookFlickr
Ferney Salgado | Website | Facebook |
Flor Ruiz |  Facebook
Francisco Llacma | Facebook
Frank Thierfelder | FacebookWebsite
Gabriel Leite | Facebook
Gunnar Engblom | Facebook
Jaisson Poveda | Flickr | Facebook
Javier Ayapi | Facebook
Javo Farfan | Facebook
Joao Quental | Flickr
Joe Tobia | Facebook | Website
Jorge Novoa Cova | Facebook
Jorge Tiravanti | Facebook
Jose Huaroto | Facebook
Jose Luis Avendaño | Facebook
Juan Carlso Noreña | Flickr | Facebook
Juan Diaz | Facebook
Juan Redhead | Facebook
Kenny Rodriguez Añazco | Facebook
Lars Petersson | Website
Marco Antonio Lemos | Facebook
Miguel Moran | Facebook
Miguel Lezama | Facebook
Nick Athanas Website
Niall Perrins | Facebook
Omar Diaz | Facebook | Website
Oswaldo Cortez | Facebook
Patrick O’donnell | Facebook
Pedro Allasi | Blog | Facebook
Percy Avendaño | Facebook
Percy Saboya | Facebook
Pia Oberg | Flickr
Photocech | Website | Facebook
Renzo Piana | Facebook
Rich Hoyer | Blog | Flickr
Roger Wasley | Flickr
Segundo Crespo More | Facebook
Steve Sanchez Calle | Facebook
Thomas Valqui | Facebook
Tony Palliser | Website | Facebook
Victor Bustinza | Facebook

Note: Contributors on the list below share their photos with the world under a Creative Commons license. Everyone is free to use their material, but you must attribute the original photo to the photographer.

Alan Wilson
Alastair Rae
Andrea Larichia
Andrew Morffew
Arthur Chapman
Barlovento Magico
Ben Taverner
Bill Majoros
Brian Ralphs
Carlos Rossel
Carol Foil
Charles Foster
Chris Pearson
Christian Keller
Christian Mehlführer
Claudio Dias Timm
Dario Sanchez
David Cook
David Moran
Dick Culbert
Dick Daniels
Dominic Sherony
Francesco Veronesi
Gavan Watson
Geoff Gallice
H. Silenus
Ian White
Ian White
Ivy Dawned
Jason Vick
Jerry Oldenttel
John Boyer
John Surrey
Jose Michael Murillo
Karla Kishinami
Kenneth Cole Schneider
Kent Nickell
Larry Hubble
Linda Martin
Lip Kee
Magnus Manske
Marcel Holyoak
Martha de Jong
Mehmet Karatay
Noah Kahn
Paul Barnard
Pedro Szekely
Peter Feller
Philip Lehman
Quinten Questel
Raul Travassos
Ron Knight
Ryan O’donnell
Sam Jackson
Shanthanu Bhardwaj
Silvia Bella
Simon Tagtachian
Smithsonian Wild
Steve Jurvetson
Teddy Llovet
The Lilac Breasted Roller
The Roller
Till Niermann
Toby & Rodora
Tony Morris
Vince Smith
Vincent Vos
Zak Pohlen