Family Thraupidae

Family ThraupidaeFamily Thraupidae
The family Thraupidae includes the tanagers, hemispinguses, dacnises, honeycreepers, conebills, flower piercers, finches and seedeaters. They are small to medium-sized birds often brightly colored, but some species are dull-colored. Birds in their first year are often a duller version of the adults, but some are of a different color as young. Males are typically more brightly colored than females. Most species within this family have short, rounded wings. The shape of the bill seems to be linked to the species’ foraging habits. The family Thraupidae is restricted to the New World and mainly to the tropics. Many species are endemic to a relatively small area. They are omnivorous and their diets vary from genus to genus.  Many pick insects off branches, other species look for insects on the undersides of leaves. Yet others wait on branches until they see a flying insect and catch it in the air. Many of these particular species inhabit the same areas, but these specializations alleviate competition. Most species build cup nests on branches in trees. Some nests are almost globular. Entrances are usually built on the side of the nest. The nests can be shallow or deep. Most member of the family live in pairs or in small family groups. Birds may also be seen in single-species or mixed flocks. Many tanagers are thought to have dull songs, though some are elaborate. There are 59 genera and 186 species within the family Thraupidae known to occur in Peru. Photo: (left) Yellow-scarffed Tanager ©Eduardo Patrial, (right) Chestnut-throated Seedeater, ©Eduardo Patrial.
Tanagers, Conebills, Sierra-FinchesTangaras
Red-capped CardinalCardenal de Gorro RojoParoaria gularis
Red-crested CardinalCardenal de Cresta RojaParoaria coronata
Black-faced TanagerTangara de Cara NegraSchistochlamys melanopis
Magpie TanagerTangara UrracaCissopis leverianus
Black-and-white TanagerTangara Negra y BlancaConothraupis speculigera
White-capped TanagerTangara de Gorro BlancoSericossypha albocristata
Hooded TanagerTangara EncapuchadaNemosia pileata
Rufous-crested TanagerTangara de Cresta RufaCreurgops verticalis
Slaty TanagerTangara PizarrosaCreurgops dentatus
Black-capped HemispingusHemispingo de Gorro NegroHemispingus atropileus
Orange-browed HemispingusHemispingo de Ceja NaranjaHemispingus calophrys
Parodi’s HemispingusHemispingo de ParodiHemispingus parodii (E)
Superciliaried HemispingusHemispingo SuperciliadoHemispingus superciliaris
Oleaginous HemispingusHemispingo OleaginosoHemispingus frontalis
Black-eared HemispingusHemispingo de Oreja NegraHemispingus melanotis
Rufous-browed HemispingusHemispingo de Ceja RufaHemispingus rufosuperciliaris (E)
Black-headed HemispingusHemispingo de Cabeza NegraHemispingus verticalis
Drab HemispingusHemispingo SimpleHemispingus xanthophthalmus
Three-striped HemispingusHemispingo TrirrayadoHemispingus trifasciatus
Gray-hooded Bush TanagerTangara-Montesa de Capucha GrisCnemoscopus rubrirostris
Rufous-chested TanagerTangara de Pecho RufoThlypopsis ornata
Brown-flanked TanagerTangara de Flanco PardoThlypopsis pectoralis (E)
Orange-headed TanagerTangara de Cabeza NaranjaThlypopsis sordida
Buff-bellied TanagerTangara de Vientre AnteadoThlypopsis inornata
Rust-and-yellow TanagerTangara Rufa y AmarillaThlypopsis ruficeps
ParduscoParduscoNephelornis oneilli (E)
Inti Tanager Tangara IntiHeliothraupis oneilli
Black-goggled TanagerTangara de AnteojosTrichothraupis melanops
Gray-headed TanagerTangara de Cabeza GrisEucometis penicillata
Flame-crested TanagerTangara Cresta de FuegoIslerothraupis cristatus
Yellow-crested TanagerTangara de Cresta AmarillaIslerothraupis rufiventer
Fulvous-crested TanagerTangara de Cresta LeonadaTachyphonus surinamus
White-shouldered TanagerTangara de Hombro BlancoIslerothraupis luctuosus
White-lined TanagerTangara de Líneas BlancasTachyphonus rufus
Red-shouldered TanagerTangara de Hombro RojoTachyphonus phoenicius
Fulvous Shrike-TanagerTangara LeonadaLanio fulvus
White-winged Shrike-TanagerTangara de Ala BlancaLanio versicolor
Masked Crimson TanagerTangara Carmesí EnmascaradaRamphocelus nigrogularis
Black-bellied TanagerTangara de Vientre NegroRamphocelus melanogaster (E)
Silver-beaked TanagerTangara de Pico PlateadoRamphocelus carbo
Lemon-rumped TanagerTangara de Lomo LimónRamphocelus icteronotus
Vermilion TanagerTangara BermellónCalochaetes coccineus
Orange-throated TanagerTangara de Garganta NaranjaWetmorethraupis sterrhopteron
Masked Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña EnmascaradaTephrophilus wetmorei
Hooded Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña EncapuchadaButhraupis montana
Black-chested Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña de Pecho NegroCnemathraupis eximia
Golden-backed Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña de Dorso DoradoCnemathraupis aureodorsalis (E)
Grass-green TanagerTangara Verde EsmeraldaChlorornis riefferii
Lacrimose Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña LacrimosaAnisognathus lacrymosus
Scarlet-bellied Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña de Vientre EscarlataAnisognathus igniventris
Blue-winged Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña de Ala AzulAnisognathus somptuosus
Buff-breasted Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña de Pecho AnteadoDubusia taeniata
Chestnut-bellied Mountain-TanagerTangara-de-Montaña de Vientre CastañoDubusia castaneoventris
Yellow-throated TanagerTangara de Garganta AmarillaIridosornis analis
Golden-collared TanagerTangara de Collar DoradoIridosornis jelskii
Golden-crowned TanagerTangara de Corona DoradaIridosornis rufivertex
Yellow-scarfed TanagerTangara de Bufanda AmarillaIridosornis reinhardti (E)
Fawn-breasted TanagerTangara de Pecho AnteadoRauenia melanonota
Blue-and-yellow TanagerTangara Azul y AmarillaRauenia bonariensis
Orange-eared TanagerTangara de Oreja NaranjaChlorochrysa calliparaea
Blue-gray TanagerTangara AzulejaThraupis episcopus
Sayaca TanagerTangara SayacaThraupis sayaca (H)
Palm TanagerTangara de PalmerasThraupis palmarum
Blue-capped TanagerTangara de Gorro AzulSporathraupis cyanocephala
Golden-naped TanagerTangara de Nuca DoradaChalcothraupis ruficervix
Silvery TanagerTangara PlateadoStilpnia viridicollis
Green-throated TanagerTangara de Garganta VerdeStilpnia argyrofenges
Sira TanagerTangara del SiraStilpnia phillipsi (E)
Green-capped TanagerTangara de Gorro VerdeStilpnia meyerdeschauenseei
Burnished-buff TanagerTangara de Anteado BruñidoStilpnia cayana
Masked TanagerTangara EnmascaradaStilpnia nigrocincta
Blue-necked TanagerTangara de Cuello AzulStilpnia cyanicollis
Dotted TanagerTangara ManchadaTangara varia
Yellow-bellied TanagerTangara de Vientre AmarilloTangara xanthogastra
Spotted TanagerTangara MoteadaTangara punctata
Blue-and-black TanagerTangara Azul y NegraTangara vassorii
Beryl-spangled TanagerTangara LentejueladaTangara nigroviridis
Metallic-green TanagerTangara Verde MetálicoTangara labradorides
Blue-browed TanagerTangara de Ceja AzulTangara cyanotis
Turquoise TanagerTangara TurquesaTangara mexicana
Paradise TanagerTangara del ParaísoTangara chilensis
Opal-rumped TanagerTangara de Lomo OpalinoTangara velia
Opal-crowned TanagerTangara de Corona OpalinaTangara callophrys
Bay-headed TanagerTangara de Cabeza BayaTangara gyrola
Golden-eared TanagerTangara de Oreja DoradaTangara chrysotis
Saffron-crowned TanagerTangara de Corona AzafránTangara xanthocephala
Flame-faced TanagerTangara Cara de FuegoTangara parzudakii
Green-and-gold TanagerTangara Verde y DoradaTangara schrankii
Golden TanagerTangara DoradaTangara arthus
Silver-throated TanagerTangara de Garganta PlateadaTangara icterocephala
Swallow TanagerAzulejo GolondrinaTersina viridis
White-bellied DacnisDacnis de Vientre BlancoDacnis albiventris
Black-faced DacnisDacnis de Cara NegraDacnis lineata
Yellow-bellied DacnisDacnis de Vientre AmarilloDacnis flaviventer
Blue DacnisDacnis AzulDacnis cayana
Short-billed HoneycreeperMielero de Pico CortoCyanerpes nitidus
Purple HoneycreeperMielero PúrpuraCyanerpes caeruleus
Red-legged HoneycreeperMielero de Pata RojaCyanerpes cyaneus
Green HoneycreeperMielero VerdeChlorophanes spiza
Golden-collared HoneycreeperMielero de Collar DoradoIridophanes pulcherrimus
Guira TanagerTangara GuiraHemithraupis guira
Yellow-backed TanagerTangara de Dorso AmarilloHemithraupis flavicollis
Chestnut-vented ConebillPico-de-Cono de Subcaudales CastañasConirostrum speciosum
Bicolored ConebillPico-de-Cono BicolorConirostrum bicolor
Pearly-breasted ConebillPico-de-Cono de Pecho PerladoConirostrum margaritae
Cinereous ConebillPico-de-Cono CinéreoConirostrum cinereum
Blue-backed ConebillPico-de-Cono de Dorso AzulConirostrum sitticolor
Capped ConebillPico-de-Cono CoronadoConirostrum albifrons
Tamarugo ConebillPico-de-Cono de los TamarugalesConirostrum tamarugense (NB)
White-browed ConebillPico-de-Cono de Ceja BlancaConirostrum ferrugineiventre
Giant ConebillPico-de-Cono GiganteOreomanes fraseri
Tit-like DacnisAzulito AltoandinoXenodacnis parina
Glossy FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor SatinadoDiglossa lafresnayii
Moustached FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor BigotudoDiglossa mystacalis
Black FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor NegroDiglossa humeralis
Black-throated FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor de Garganta NegraDiglossa brunneiventris
White-sided FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor de Flanco BlancoDiglossa albilatera
Rusty FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor de Pecho CanelaDiglossa sittoides
Deep-blue FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor Azul IntensoDiglossa glauca
Bluish FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor AzuladoDiglossa caerulescens
Masked FlowerpiercerPincha-Flor EnmascaradoDiglossa cyanea
PlushcapGorro AfelpadoCatamblyrhynchus diadema
Black-hooded Sierra-FinchFringilo de Capucha NegraPhrygilus atriceps
Peruvian Sierra-FinchFringilo PeruanoPhrygilus punensis
Mourning Sierra-FinchFringilo de Pecho NegroPhrygilus fruticeti
Plumbeous Sierra-FinchFringilo PlomizoPhrygilus unicolor
White-throated Sierra-FinchFringilo de Garganta BlancaIdiopsar erythronotus
Ash-breasted Sierra-FinchFringilo de Pecho CenizoPhrygilus plebejus
Band-tailed Sierra-FinchFringilo de Cola BandeadaPorphyrospiza alaudinus
Short-tailed FinchFringilo de Cola CortaIdiopsar brachyurus
White-winged Diuca-FinchDiuca de Ala BlancaIdiopsar speculifera
Slaty FinchFringilo PizarrosoHaplospiza rustica
Cinereous FinchFringilo CinéreoPiezorina cinerea (E)
Slender-billed FinchFringilo ApizarradoXenospingus concolor
Great Inca-FinchFringilo-Inca GrandeIncaspiza pulchra (E)
Rufous-backed Inca-FinchFringilo-Inca de Dorso RufoIncaspiza personata (E)
Gray-winged Inca-FinchFringilo-Inca de Ala GrisIncaspiza ortizi (E)
Buff-bridled Inca-FinchFringilo-Inca de Frenillo AnteadoIncaspiza laeta (E)
Little Inca-FinchFringilo-Inca ChicoIncaspiza watkinsi (E)
Plain-tailed Warbling-FinchMonterita de Cola SimplePoospiza alticola (E)
Rufous-breasted Warbling-FinchMonterita de Pecho RufoPoospiza rubecula (E)
Chestnut-breasted Mountain-FinchMonterita de Pecho CastañoPoospizopsis caesar (E)
Collared Warbling-FinchMonterita AcollaradaPoospiza hispaniolensis
Stripe-tailed Yellow-FinchChirigüe de Cola ListadaSicalis citrina
Puna Yellow-FinchChirigüe de la PunaSicalis lutea
Bright-rumped Yellow-FinchChirigüe de Lomo BrillanteSicalis uropygialis
Greenish Yellow-FinchChirigüe VerdosoSicalis olivascens
Saffron FinchChirigüe AzafranadoSicalis flaveola
Grassland Yellow-FinchChirigüe ComúnSicalis luteola
Raimondi’s Yellow-FinchChirigüe de RaimondiSicalis raimondii (E)
Sulphur-throated FinchChirigüe de Garganta AzufradaSicalis taczanowskii
Wedge-tailed Grass-FinchSabanero Cola de CuñaEmberizoides herbicola
Blue-black GrassquitSemillerito Negro AzuladoVolatinia jacarina
Slate-colored SeedeaterEspiguero PizarrosoSporophila schistacea
Plumbeous SeedeaterEspiguero PlomizoSporophila plumbea
Variable SeedeaterEspiguero VariableSporophila corvina
Caquetá SeedeaterEspiguero de CaquetáSporophila murallae
Lesson’s SeedeaterEspiguero de LessonSporophila bouvronides (NB)
Lined SeedeaterEspiguero LineadoSporophila lineola (NB)
Black-and-white SeedeaterEspiguero Negro y BlancoSporophila luctuosa
Yellow-bellied SeedeaterEspiguero de Vientre AmarilloSporophila nigricollis
Double-collared SeedeaterEspiguero Doble AcollaradoSporophila caerulescens (NB)
White-bellied SeedeaterEspiguero de Vientre BlancoSporophila leucoptera (H)
Parrot-billed SeedeaterEspiguero Pico de LoroSporophila peruviana
Drab SeedeaterEspiguero SimpleSporophila simplex
Tawny-bellied SeedeaterEspiguero de Vientre LeonadoSporophila hypoxantha (H)
Dark-throated SeedeaterEspiguero de Garganta OscuraSporophila ruficollis (H)
Chestnut-bellied SeedeaterEspiguero de Vientre CastañoSporophila castaneiventris
Chestnut-throated SeedeaterEspiguero de Garganta CastañaSporophila telasco
Chestnut-bellied Seed-FinchSemillero de Vientre CastañoSporophila angolensis
Large-billed Seed-FinchSemillero de Pico GrandeSporophila crassirostris
Black-billed Seed-FinchSemillero de Pico NegroSporophila atrirostris
Thick-billed Seed-FinchSemillero de Pico GruesoSporophila funerea
Band-tailed SeedeaterSemillero de Cola BandeadaCatamenia analis
Plain-colored SeedeaterSemillero SimpleCatamenia inornata
Páramo SeedeaterSemillero ParameroCatamenia homochroa
Black-masked FinchPinzón EnmascaradoCoryphaspiza melanotis
Red-crested FinchPinzón de Cresta RojaCoryphospingus cucullatus
Crimson-breasted FinchPinzón de Pecho CarmesíRhodospingus cruentus
BananaquitMielero ComúnCoereba flaveola
Dull-colored GrassquitSemillero PardoAsemospiza obscurus
Yellow-shouldered GrosbeakPicogrueso de Hombro AmarilloParkerthraustes humeralis
Buff-throated SaltatorSaltador de Garganta AnteadaSaltator maximus
Grayish SaltatorSaltador GrisáceoSaltator coerulescens
Streaked SaltatorSaltador RayadoSaltator striatipectus
Black-cowled SaltatorSaltador de Capucha NegraSaltator nigriceps
Golden-billed SaltatorSaltador de Pico DoradoSaltator aurantiirostris
Masked SaltatorSaltador EnmascaradoSaltator cinctus
Slate-colored GrosbeakPicogrueso de Pico RojoSaltator grossus
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