Family Phoenicopteridae

Member of the family Phoenicopteridae are large waterbirds with long necks and legs, and unique down-curved bill adapted to filter-feeding. They inhabit shallow bodies of water, normally saline, brackish, or alkaline in areas ranging from sea-level up to 5,000 m. Flamingos are recognizable at a,
distance by their very long, slender necks and legs, and coloration. They are also recognizable in flight by their extended legs and necks. Flamingoes nest in colonies and build columnar mud nests, generally in shallow wetlands. There are two genera and three species of flamingoes known to occur in Peru. Photo: James’s Flamingo.
Flamingoes Flamencos
Chilean Flamingo Flamenco Chileno Phoenicopterus chilensis
Andean Flamingo Parina Grande Phoenicoparrus andinus (NB)
James’s (Puna) Flamingo Parina Chica Phoenicoparrus jamesi (NB)
peru aves - birdsPODICIPEDIDAE: Grebes – Zambullidores  SPHENISCIDAE: Penguins – Pinguinosperu aves

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