Family Grallariidae

Family Grallariidae - rufous antpitta
Members of the family Grallariidae are small to medium-sized birds with relatively stocky bodies, very short tail and long legs. They are forest birds that feed on insects on or near the ground. They are known as antpittas due to their resemblance to the old world pittas. Most antpittas favor thickets or dense understory. Most are drab in appearance with shades of (rusty) brown, black, and white being their dominant tones.
Antpittas are rather vocal, at least for part of the year, and they are always a challenge to see. They walk on the forest floor and stop and stand in an upright manner to scan de surroundings, when prey is spotted, the birds run to catch it, consume it, and stand up upright again to repeat the sequence. There are four genera and 28 species of antpittas known to occur in Peru. Photo: Rufous Antpitta ©Francisco Llacma.
Antpittas Tororois
Undulated Antpitta Tororoi Ondulado Grallaria squamigera
Variegated Antpitta Tororoi Variegado Grallaria varia
Scaled Antpitta Tororoi Escamoso Grallaria guatimalensis
Plain-backed Antpitta Tororoi de Dorso Llano Grallaria haplonota
Ochre-striped Antpitta Tororoi Ocre Listado Grallaria dignissima
Elusive Antpitta Tororoi Evasivo Grallaria eludens
Chestnut-crowned Antpitta Tororoi de Corona Castaña Grallaria ruficapilla
Watkins’s Antpitta Tororoi de Watkins Grallaria watkinsi
Stripe-headed Antpitta Tororoi de Cabeza Listada Grallaria andicolus
Jocotoco Antpitta Tororoi Jocotoco Grallaria ridgelyi (H)
Chestnut-naped Antpitta Tororoi de Nuca Castaña Grallaria nuchalis
Pale-billed Antpitta Tororoi de Pico Pálido Grallaria carrikeri (E)
White-throated Antpitta Tororoi de Garganta Blanca Grallaria albigula
Rufous-faced Antpitta Tororoi de Cara Rufa Grallaria erythrotis
White-bellied Antpitta Tororoi de Vientre Blanco Grallaria hypoleuca (H)
Rusty-tinged Antpitta Tororoi Rojizo Grallaria przewalskii (E)
Bay Antpitta Tororoi Bayo Grallaria capitalis (E)
Red-and-white Antpitta Tororoi Rojo y Blanco Grallaria erythroleuca (E)
Rufous Antpitta Tororoi Rufo Grallaria rufula
Chestnut Antpitta Tororoi Castaño Grallaria blakei (E)
Tawny Antpitta Tororoi Leonado Grallaria quitensis
Spotted Antpitta Tororoi Moteado Hylopezus macularius
White-lored Antpitta Tororoi de Lores Blancos Myrmothera fulviventris
Amazonian Antpitta Tororoi Amazónico Myrmothera berlepschi
Thrush-like Antpitta Tororoi Campanero Myrmothera campanisona
Ochre-breasted Antpitta Tororoi de Pecho Ocráceo Grallaricula flavirostris
Peruvian Antpitta Tororoi Peruano Grallaricula peruviana
Ochre-fronted Antpitta Tororoi de Frente Ocrácea Grallaricula ochraceifrons (E)
Leymebamba Antpitta Tororoi de Leymebamba Grallaricula leymebambae
Slate-crowned Antpitta Tororoi de Corona Pizarrosa Grallaricula nana
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