Family Fringillidae

Family Fringillidae Family Fringillidae
The family Fringillidae is composed of siskins, euphonias, and chlorophonias. They are brightly colored small birds with 12 remiges and 9 primary rectrices. All species within the family Fringillidae have strong sexual dichromatism with, the females typically lacking the bright colors of the males. Siskin typically inhabit open woodlands and scrub where are frequently seen in pairs or small flocks of the same species. Siskins have strong conical beaks and feed mostly on seeds. Their nest is an open cup placed in tall shrubbery or overhanging branches of trees. The characteristic color of euphonias is a combination of shiny blue on the upperparts and bright yellow in the underparts in males. Females are mostly dull yellow with shades of gray and brown. Females can be difficult to identify away from the usually accompanying males. Euphonias and chlorophonias favor edges and upper canopy of wooded areas, although some inhabit woodlands and scrub. There are four genera and 20 species in the family Fringillidae known to occur in Peru. Photo: (left) Purple-throated Euphonia by Victor Bustinza, (right) Saffron Siskin by Jorge Tiravanti.
Finches, Euphonias Jilgueros, Eufonias
Thick-billed Siskin Jilguero de Pico Grueso Sporagra crassirostris
Hooded Siskin Jilguero Encapuchado Sporagra magellanica
Saffron Siskin Jilguero Azafranado Sporagra siemiradzkii
Olivaceous Siskin Jilguero Oliváceo Sporagra olivacea
Yellow-bellied Siskin Jilguero de Vientre Amarillo Sporagra xanthogastra
Black Siskin Jilguero Negro Sporagra atrata
Yellow-rumped Siskin Jilguero Cordillerano Sporagra uropygialis
Lesser Goldfinch Jilguero Menor Astragalinus psaltria
Plumbeous Euphonia Eufonia Plumbea Euphonia plumbea (H)
Purple-throated Euphonia Eufonia de Garganta Púrpura Euphonia chlorotica
Orange-crowned Euphonia Eufonia de Corona Naranja Euphonia saturata
Thick-billed Euphonia Eufonia de Pico Grueso Euphonia laniirostris
Golden-rumped Euphonia Eufonia de Lomo Dorado Euphonia cyanocephala
Golden-bellied Euphonia Eufonia de Vientre Dorado Euphonia chrysopasta
Bronze-green Euphonia Eufonia Bronce y Verde Euphonia mesochrysa
White-vented Euphonia Eufonia de Subcaudales Blancas Euphonia minuta
Orange-bellied Euphonia Eufonia de Vientre Naranja Euphonia xanthogaster
Rufous-bellied Euphonia Eufonia de Vientre Rufo Euphonia rufiventris
Blue-naped Chlorophonia Clorofonia de Nuca Azul Chlorophonia cyanea
Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia Clorofonia de Pecho Castaño Chlorophonia pyrrhophrys
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