Family Passerellidae

Family Emberizidae
The family Passerellidae includes sparrows, brush-finches and chlorospinguses. Passerellids are small birds with finch-like bills and nine primary feathers. Sparrows have a specialized bill to handle seed and vegetal matter. They live in grasslands and open areas where they are found alone or in pairs. Brush-finches favor montane scrub and forest edges and are frequently seen in what appears to be family groups. They forage in understory shrubbery other vegetation and also on the ground. As with brush-finches, the Chlorspinguses also travel in what appears to be family group, but near or at the
canopy, often along with mixed foraging flocks. As with several other passerine families the taxonomic treatment of this family’s members is currently in a state of flux. Many genera in South and Central America are in fact more closely related to several different tanager clades, and at least one tanager genus (Chlorospingus) may belong here in the Passerellidae. With a few exceptions, Passerellids build cup-shaped nests from grasses and other plant fibers, and are monogamous. There are seven genera and 30 species within the family Passerellidae known to occur in Peru. The Passerellidae were previously known as Emberizidae. Photo: Black-faced Brush-Finch ©Francesco Veronesi.
American Sparrows and Allies Gorriones Americanos y afines
Rufous-collared Sparrow Gorrión de Collar Rufo Zonotrichia capensis
Grassland Sparrow Gorrión de Pajonal Ammodramus humeralis
Yellow-browed Sparrow Gorrión de Ceja Amarilla Ammodramus aurifrons
Tumbes Sparrow Gorrión de Tumbes Rhynchospiza stolzmanni
Black-striped Sparrow Gorrión Listado de Negro Arremonops conirostris (H)
Pectoral Sparrow Gorrión Pectoral Arremon taciturnus
Orange-billed Sparrow Gorrión de Pico Naranja Arremon aurantiirostris
Black-capped Sparrow Gorrión de Gorro Negro Arremon abeillei
Chestnut-capped Brush-Finch Matorralero de Gorro Castaño Arremon brunneinucha
Gray-browed Brush-Finch Matorralero de Ceja Gris Arremon assimilis
White-browed Brush-Finch Matorralero de Ceja Blanca Arremon torquatus
Olive Finch Pinzón Oliváceo Arremon castaneiceps
Pale-naped Brush-Finch Matorralero de Nuca Pálida Atlapetes pallidinucha
Tricolored Brush-Finch Matorralero Tricolor Atlapetes tricolor
Yellow-breasted Brush-Finch Matorralero de Pecho Amarillo Atlapetes latinuchus
Rufous-eared Brush-Finch Matorralero de Oreja Rufa Atlapetes rufigenis (E)
Apurimac Brush-Finch Matorralero de Apurímac Atlapetes forbesi (E)
Black-spectacled Brush-Finch Matorralero de Anteojos Negros Atlapetes melanopsis (E)
Slaty Brush-Finch Matorralero Pizarroso Atlapetes schistaceus
White-winged Brush-Finch Matorralero de Ala Blanca Atlapetes leucopterus
White-headed Brush-Finch Matorralero de Cabeza Blanca Atlapetes albiceps
Bay-crowned Brush-Finch Matorralero de Corona Baya Atlapetes seebohmi
Rusty-bellied Brush-Finch Matorralero de Vientre Rojizo Atlapetes nationi (E)
Cuzco Brush-Finch Matorralero de Cusco Atlapetes canigenis (E)
Vilcabamba Brush-Finch Matorralero de Vilcabamba Atlapetes terborghi (E)
Black-faced Brush-Finch Matorralero de Cara Negra Atlapetes melanolaemus
Common Chlorospingus ChlorospingoComún Chlorospingus flavopectus
Short-billed Chlorospingus Chlorospingo de Pico Corto Chlorospingus parvirostris
Yellow-throated Chlorospingus Chlorospingo de Garganta Amarilla Chlorospingus flavigularis
Ashy-throated Chlorospingus Chlorospingo de Garganta Ceniza Chlorospingus canigularis


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